Greetings to all:

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Greetings to all:

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 22, 2015 11:56 am

Welcome to a place where those who are the Elect of Yahweh, His chosen, can interact with each other and learn from each other. Time is very short and like minded people of Yahweh should be coming to gather at this time. We know that there are many scattered around this earth and some we know personally who are in Yahweh's complete service.

As the Great Tribulation is soon coming, Yahweh's Elect will in in a place of protection and probably be so for a final training period. The reason being when Yahshua does return, He will be ready to teach and train the Physical beings on this Earth. That will be the Elects responsibility under the direction of King David. We need to be together now as one minded get prepared for this.

No one will be over any one although there will be rules that will be given. There will be no vulgar talk or posting or they will be removed. We are to help those who may be struggling with some of the truths of Yahweh and that we will help with. So I pray that we all come together and work in harmony.

Leo Holley:

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